welding a trailer gate frame

We recently had the opportunity of working with another local Jacksonville business – a lawn service – to help them get some of their old metal trailers back in functional condition.

This section of the trailer’s gate frame had rusted and rotted away – so we welded a new section of steel in to replace it and add support to the structure. With the new steel in place, this trailer gate will last a whole lot longer than it would have, otherwise!

The second trailer’s gate needed a wire mesh replacement. As you can see from the picture, it wasn’t very useful for carrying tools and hardware in this condition:

trailer gate before welding a metal mesh on

As always, the first step is cleaning up the metal so we can get a nice contact surface for the weld. Then put everything in to place – double check and measure – and then it just takes a few careful tacks!

Trailer after welding a new metal mesh

And there you go! The new mesh fits perfectly and it will keep this trailer on the job for another few years. There were a few more projects from this job but we didn’t get pictures for all of them.

All told, we put four trailers back on the road in a half day’s work – and that’s quite a steep discount from the cost of buying new! The great thing about metal products is that they’ll last for a very long time, but even when they are starting to get old and worn doesn’t mean they have to be replaced! A good welding repair can extend the functional life of your trailers, tools, and machinery well beyond what most people would expect – and that means saving money!

Got some metal equipment of your own that’s starting to look run down? Contact us today before the damage gets worse! The sooner it’s repaired, the damage there is to fix!

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