Additional storage rack welded to the back of the camper

A quick update from the last post: theĀ diamond plate installation worked out great so they decided to call us back for another metal-fabricated customization on the camper.

As you can see from the picture above (sorry for the potato-like quality – Facebook compressed it!) we also came back out to weld a small steel storage rack to the back of the camper. This will be a great place to set some bikes or whatever extra cargo you want to carry in an out of the way place. It could also make a nice table for holding your stuff while you’re out on the campsite.

Either way, it was a quick job: just a little bit of paint to rough up and a few short welds to lock the new rack in place. It also looks like the rest of the project was coming along great so it’s nice to see a plan coming together as the finished product someone had originally imagined.

Remember, just because it doesn’t exist yet doesn’t mean it can’t be built! Got a one of a kind idea you want to make a reality? Let us know!

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