On a sunny spring day in Jacksonville, our top welder Stephen finishes up the final touches on a new weld-on coupler for an old storage trailer. In fact, you might recognize this trailer because it had been sitting up on Beach Blvd. for several years! Apparently, the owner used to sell timber and firewood out of it, but that business has faded and what was left was an immobile eye-sore on the side of a busy street.

Anyway, our buddy Mike picked up the trailer and towed it to the shop. To get it working again with a truck and a hitch, we had to weld on the new coupler first. It looked something like this:

The fork was also a little bent on the trailer, but that was pretty easy to take care of. For maximum structural integrity, we chose a stick process for this particular job, but now that it’s on, that coupler isn’t going anywhere unless it brings that trailer with it!

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