Welding on site

Our new Lincoln Power MIG is on the cutting edge of portability and flexibility! It does MIG, obviously, but with the attachments we’ve got it’s just as useful for stick welding and even foot-pedal controlled TIG on the applications that require the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

At 210 amps of electrical output, it’s got more than enough power to handle the jobs we’ve seen so far. But if you’re looking for something really heavy duty – like half inch pipe or structural work – we might have to help you find another welding service provider. Those cases are rare since we can handle most of the typical welding processes and metals, but we also know some people who are specialized for the largest structural and industrial tasks.

Our Westinghouse 8k Pro Generator is also all ready to deliver the power needed to weld your metal projects any where and any time. In fact, the generator has almost twice the wattage this ultra-efficient welding machine requires. Combined with the other miscellaneous metal working implements in the toolbox, we’re ready to provide all of the welding services you need, and exactly when & where you need them. Services are available throughout Jax and the surrounding areas, so if you are looking for metal work be sure to drop us a line on the contact page. The link is available above!

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