Fishing boat utility box

Check out this must-have boating gear – a custom metal box for filleting your fish and storing all your tools, bait, and tackles. A boat owner in Jacksonville, Florida inquired about the possibility of adding a customized upgrade to his pontoon-style fishing boat and here’s the result!

This box was designed for the exact specifications the client requested, and now it’s a permanent fixture and a favorite part of his favorite fishing boat. Similar products can sell for 50% higher at boating specialty shops, and even then you’ve still got to figure out how to install it and make sure it won’t go flying off when the throttle cranks up.

In addition to custom fixtures and accessories, we can also weld a variety of boat related projects. Whether your aluminum rails or steps are cracked, or if you’re looking to install fishing pole lines – we can weld it! Our professional welders are equipped and trained to work with a wide variety of metals and welding processes, so aluminum, steel, and stainless are all no problem. We’ll even come out to you, anywhere in the greater Jacksonville area! So that means from Mayport to Ponte Vedra at the Jax BeachesĀ and all the way from Fleming Island to Blount Island on either side of the St. John’s River. No matter where you’ve got your boat stored dry, we can come to you and weld it up any way you like.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our welding services can help you with your marine applications, contact us through the contact form below!